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Feb 2015
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Minimum WAGES in Vietnam set to rise 15%. How does this impact to your business?



Chief Procurement Officers Procurement Trends. Challenges and best practices in the VUCA World volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous.


Procurement Executive_Comin Asia

Originally founded in 1960 as a Branch of a Danish Trading Group subsequently bought over by the management, Comin Asia re-launched its operations in Cambodia in 1992 through the re-establishment of Comin Khmere and the incorporation of Comin Asia Singapore.

Business Development Executive_Embisphere

Embisphere designs, manufactures and delivers powerful RFID solutions which meet the present and future needs of companies working in retail, logistics, manufacturing, and other sectors. Simple and innovative, our wireless tag reading products streamline procedures in retail and logistics by rendering tasks more interactive and natural, freeing up our clients to devote more time to their core business activities.

Superintendent (Procurement, Contracts & Materials Management)_NuiPhao Mining

Nui Phao Mining owns an open pit mine located in Thai Nguyen province in northern Vietnam which contains mineral deposits of tungsten, fluorspar, bismuth, copper and traces of gold. Our current focus is to develop the Nui Phao on schedule and within budget.

The 7 Characteristics Of The Next Gen Supply Chain

Supply chains are changing and evolving into something new. Gone are the days when a supply chain was just moving a product from one place to another, today they...

Procurement Leaders Should Let Up on Cost Reduction Already

For most business leaders, it's difficult to make any decision without letting bottom line bias come into play. Globalization, in addition to evolving social,...

It's Time to Take a Second Look at Automation in Food & Beverage

The need for speed, along with margin pressures, is causing food and beverage distributors to look for ways to achieve greater efficiencies in the warehouse. The...

Dimensional Weight Pricing - Change for the Better?

In 2015 we will see a change to how all UPS and FedEx shippers pay for ground packages. No longer based simply on physical weight, dimensional (DIM) weight pricing...

SupplierPay and the Next Stage of Supply Chain Finance

Automation and efficiency in corporate accounts payable is opening up new opportunities that simply are not possible in a paper-based environment. Chief among these...

Five Keys to Transportation Planning and Optimization Success

How do you Find the Balance Between Low Cost and Higher Service Requirements and Optimize Transportation Management in Today's Fluid, Global, Omni-channel...

Seven Supply Chain Resolutions for 2015

While it is admittedly a bit late for new year's supply chain resolutions, believe it or not we have never done this before, so we are going to give it a go even at this modestly late...

5 Ways to Fill Supply Chain Knowledge Gaps

Is your organization suffering from supply chain knowledge and skillset gaps? Here are five strategies to get back on track.

Cold chain goes boom - and it's only getting started

Not even the recent recession or continued economic stagnation in other parts of the world has prevented the cold chain from posting impressive growth figures,...


Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment

Just like the world financial system, but for different reasons, 21st-century corporations need a new business model for their enterprise supply chains.

Dynamic Supply Chains: delivering value through people

The book emphasises the critical need for a radically different business model post-GFC, and offers ‘dynamic alignment’ as that model.

The Small Manufacturer's Toolkit - Steve Novak

The Small Manufacturer's Toolkit - Steve Novak


Supply chain cost savings: Five opportunities you can’t afford to miss

Efficient international supply chain solutions are critical to keeping your goods moving and getting them where they need to be – in the hands of your partners, vendors and clients. Find out how five simple solutions can help tighten your supply chain security!

The 3Ps to Eliminating Out-of-Stocks: A New Paradigm for Inventory Managements

A new paradigm is needed – one which brings all factors into play, and which enables a proactive approach to solving inventory problems before they occur.


It was a fantastic session. Thanks for having it.

Michele Lai Auerbach, General Director, Penflex Vietnam