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[Young Talent] Factory Tour July 2014
Fri - 18/7/2014
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Seminar: How to deal with crisis in Vietnam?
Sat - 19/7/2014
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[Young Talent] Factory Tour July 2014
Sat - 19/7/2014
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Factory Tour Jul 2014 II
Fri - 25/7/2014
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Inventory Management - where do you pay attention?




Purchasing Manager - Total Vietnam

Total started its LPG business in Vietnam with the Elf Gaz Saigon JV Company in 1992. It was the first international company to reintroduce LPG use in Vietnam. Since that time, the business has expanded to incorporate a large distribution network, production facilities, human resource development and promotion of the safety and benefits of using LPG. The acquisition of Saigon Gas and Vinagas has made Total one of the leaders in the Vietnamese LPG market. Our close proximity to our customers is one of our strengths. We pay attention to our customer’s needs and we want to develop a true range of solutions for you. We put quality and safety at the very heart of our products and services. Totalgaz Vietnam has six filling plants, two warehouses and one cylinder reconditioning plant. We maintain a stable and reliable supply source to meet customer demand at anytime.

Purchasing Manager - Osso Trading and Service Company

OSSSO is a new brand which aims to offer the first and only proactive, personalised gifting solutions service in Vietnam. Leveraging personal gifting profiles, our relationship managers provide tailored gifting solutions designed to meet the needs of our consumers personal relationships and gifting needs.

Supply Chain Expert - Zalora

ZALORA entered the Vietnamese market with a bang in March 2012 and hasn’t looked back. We are Vietnam’s number one fashion and beauty destination and the most visited fashion website in the country. We ship our goods to all corners of Vietnam and have offices in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

ASEAN on verge of borderless economy

The ASEAN Economic Community to be established next year is expected to enable...

Takeovers cause big changes in consumer goods markets

Large corporations have been silently pouring their money into other business...

Vietnam's garment sector set to balloon following trade pacts

Vietnam’s garment and textile sector has been expanding into major overseas...

Super rich in Vietnam triple in past decade: WB report

World Bank (WB) senior economist Gabriel Demonbynes on July 8 unveiled at a press...

Can technology lead to more efficient supply chain management?

In short the answer is yes; of course technology can help towards creating a more...

Building a Core Carrier Program

When developing a base of reliable core motor carriers, customer service and...

One out of 1 million Vietnamese is super-rich: World Bank

One out of every million Vietnamese nationals is classified as...

Smuggled alcoholic drinks on the rise in Vietnam: association

The smuggling of foreign beer and liquor into Vietnam has risen sharply, according

World Bank: economic growth modest

Viet Nam's macro-economic stability continued to improve, but its economic...


Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment

Just like the world financial system, but for different reasons, 21st-century corporations need a new business model for their enterprise supply chains.

Dynamic Supply Chains: delivering value through people

The book emphasises the critical need for a radically different business model post-GFC, and offers ‘dynamic alignment’ as that model.

The Small Manufacturer's Toolkit - Steve Novak

The Small Manufacturer's Toolkit - Steve Novak


How to accelerate the Growth of Ecommerce in FMCG?

The report, which is based on in-depth analysis of the purchasing habits of 100,000 shoppers in ten of the biggest online FMCG markets, forecasts that ecommerce will account for 5.2% of global FMCG sales by 2016 – up from 3.7% at present.

FMCG Monitor May 2014

In Urban, FMCG growth is stabilizing at 7% increase in value and 3% in volume. However, it is too early to expect the continuous slowdown will soon bottom out. In Rural, some early breaks are well-observed with value growth anchored at around 12% and volume growth at 9%. In terms of retail landscape, Street Shop has recorded the strongest performance at 5% while other key channels are struggling from stagnant growth in Urban. In Rural, Street Shop is holding strong its position while Modern Trade is showing some slowdown compared with the same period last year.


Although still being a quite young community compared to others, Vietnam Supply Chain is becoming more and more popular among not only supply chain professionals but also investors and others partners: both international and local Vietnamese. As one of hundreds of local companies operating in logistics industry, Vinafco Corporation is very proud and it is our great honor to be selected at 2010 Gala Dinner & Awards as an official partner of Vietnam Supply Chain for 2011. Let's work together to develop “our” young but challenging logistics industry in Vietnam.
Trinh Ngoc Hien, Chairman & CEO, Vinafco Joint Stock Corporation