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Asia Warehousing Show
Wed - 6/7/2016
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Fri - 22/7/2016
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Fri - 29/7/2016
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1. What do you consider the largest Risk for your company?

2. What are the Risk Mitigation Strategies you apply?



This event is open for all professionals interested or currently working in Starups in Hanoi, or supply chai professionals in Hanoi, or who are interested in looking for business collaboration for U.S. market through meeting with a delegation of Baylor University (U.S.), Executive Master Program.


Senior Operations Manager - Swire Cold Storage Vietnam

A wholly owned subsidiary of Australian based, John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd, Swire Cold Storage Vietnam operates the largest and most advanced temperature-controlled warehousing facility in Vietnam.

Procurement Assistant - British American Tobacco

British American Tobacco We produce high quality tobacco products to meet the diverse preferences of millions of consumers, and we work in all areas of the business - ‘from seed to smoke’. Holding strong market positions around the world and having leadership in more than 50 markets. We operate in 180 countries, employ over 80,000 people worldwide, and have a global market share of 15 percent. With over 300 brands in our portfolio, we make the cigarette chosen by one in seven of the world’s one billion adult smokers.

Supply Chain Management Officer - DIANA UNICHARM

Diana Unicharm JSC, established in 1997, is one of the leading manufacturers in personal hygiene products in Vietnam possessing well-known brands including Diana sanitary napkins, Bobby baby diapers, Caryn adult diapers and E’mos tissue brand.

Brexit: What will be the supply chain implications?

As the citizens of the UK prepare for the most substantial referendum in recent memory, Britain’s businesses are busy preparing for the huge and unclear consequences that leaving the...

Will a ‘Brexit’ spell supply chain disruption for businesses?

With a referendum on Britain’s EU membership due as early as June this year, many firms are concerned what effect a ‘Brexit’ could have on profit margins, investment and supply...

Brexit, the Next Big Disruption for the Supply Chain?

The prospect of Britain leaving the European Union, the so-called 'Brexit,' will be known shortly, and while most of the focus of the debate so far has rightly concentrated on the...

Expect supply chain costs to rise on Brexit

Much of the focus on the debate about the EU has been on the impact that any Brexit would have on exports and economic growth.


Consumers rarely think about how a product- such as a football- makes its way from parts in a factory all the way to their doorstep. They think about how quickly they can get hold of their...

Australia suspends live cow exports to Vietnam, beef prices may rise

The Australian government’s decision to suspend cow exports to some slaughterhouses in Vietnam after reports about inhumane slaughter of cows surfaced could...

Booming eCommerce Sales to Drive Intra-Asia Logistics Development Intra-Asia trade will increasingly benefit from the rapid growth of consumption in Asia as a higher percentage of cargo is shipped to end markets within the region versus destinations in other parts...
E-grocers struggling to get the right model in India Not too long ago, the online grocery business was the toast of the town. Today, some companies have shut shop, some are struggling, and some have even sold out. From a total of 40 companies, four...
US’ FDI in Vietnam Vietnam has massive opportunities for attracting foreign direct investment, in particular, investment from the US, which is predicted by some to become the country’s top foreign investor in the years...



Warehouse and Logistic Facilities available for rent in Ho Chi Minh city.

Global Supply Chain Ecosystems Strategies for Competitive Advantage in a Complex, Connected World

Twenty-first-century supply chains have evolved into world-wide inter-connected supply-and-demand networks comprising vastly more complex operations, with profound inter-dependencies and exposure

Solog Warehouse

A compound of 03 newly-built warehouses:

High quality: see specs sheet

High security: CCTV


Global Counsel Impact of Brexit

For the majority of businesses in Britain the possibility the UK might leave the European Union – Brexit – is a major source of concern. Both the break with the EU and the uncertainty associated with it would be bad for business and damaging to the UK economy. A great deal has now been written on the economic consequences for the UK of Brexit. Some of this is impartial; much of it is partisan. Very little has been written on the consequences for the rest of the EU. This report seeks to address this gap by systematically assessing the evidence on the impact of Brexit on both the UK and the rest of Europe. At the heart of this analysis are ten distinct channels of impact. For each we consider in turn the impact on the UK and on the rest of the EU. We also assess the specific ways in which different member states are exposed through these channels. We conclude that while the biggest impact of Brexit would be on the UK, there can be little doubt that there will also be a significant impact on the rest of the EU. This report has been prepared by Global Counsel based on our interpretation or the politics of Brexit and our analysis of the best available economic evidence.

Facts & Figures UEFA 2016

Every four years, the UEFA European Football Championship finals brings together the best national teams in Europe to see who will be crowned champions of the continent. The 2016 edition will be hosted by France and will feature 24 teams competing in 51 matches from 10 June to 10 July 2016.


A great evening.
Marc Townsend, Managing Director, CBRE Vietnam